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"I wish I had this when I was training for the Olympics."

Constantine Louloudis MBE, Olympic and double world champion rower

"A great piece of kit. I can keep my phone secure and ArcX gives me peace of mind when ski touring with the SOS system."

Jessica Maiklem, ESF Ski & snowboard instructor, alpine ski racer

"Brilliant concept. ArcX is easy to set up, easy to use and does what it needs to."

Jaco Van Gass MBE, World and Paralympic champion cyclist, veteran

"No more fiddling with my phone and headphones to adjust music on my runs. ArcX is revolutionary."

Alex Gray , TV presenter, actress

"Light as a feather and perfect for controlling my music during training. ArcX is a must for every runner."

Giles Timms, Ultra runner

"This is game changing."

Joey Chase Firefighter, fitness instructor, model and actor

A Smart Ring Like No Other

Active Responsive Control for a better Xperience when controlling devices in your sporting, working and everyday life activities.

Intuitive control

ArcX’s intuitive design makes controlling your devices as natural as a thumb swipe. Easy to use even with gloves on.

For active lifestyles

ArcX simplifies your active life. Whether you’re running, cycling or at the gym, control your music seamlessly without missing a beat. No need to reach for your phone, with ArcX you'll enjoy hands free control. 

Durability at its finest

Built to last, ArcX is water and shock proof ensuring durability in all your adventures. It’s so light you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

Universal compatibility

Beyond music ArcX is your universal remote for any Bluetooth device. Control cameras, navigate presentations or mange smart home devices.

Customisable and stylish

Match ArcX with your style. Available in a range of colours, it’s not just a cool tech gadget but a fashion statement. Wear it on your finger or attach it to your gear - the choice is yours. 

Ready for anything

Stay safe with ArcX’s built in SOS button. A discreet yet powerful option to ensure help is just a press away in any situation.

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Unique Interchangeable technology
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Handlebar mount
Strap mount
Fit for every one

ArcX Smart Ring - control your phone, wireless speaker, sports camera or any Bluetooth device, on the move, hands free, even when wearing gloves. Wear the tech in a ring or attach to handlebars, kayak paddles or gym equipment. Includes SOS panic button.

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Stay in control

Available free on both Android and iOS, our App provides a host of customisable options and additional features such as a stopwatch, emergency SOS call function as well as the ability to connect with other sports-based Apps.

Have a question? We're here to help.

Our customer support is available Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm.Average answer time: 24h
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Statement by the Jury

The ArcX makes it much easier to intuitively control various devices during sports, while the distinctive design is also convincing.

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Meet ArcX, a smart ring hat enables users to control their music playlists, accept incoming calls, and trigger an SOS call from afar.

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Best smart rings in 2024

The ArcX smart ring is IP67 certified so you won't need to worry about water damage with it.

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ArcX is a wearable joystick for your phone

Accessing your phone while exercising just got easier with the ArcX smart sports ring

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Specially designed for athletes

ArcX is remarkably affordable. Its simplicity and ease of setup make it ideal for libre activities and training.

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ArcX - the revolutionary smart ring

ArcX caused a buzz when the concept was first announced at CES in 2021.

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5 Best Smart Rings

ArcX is a remote control for your music while you bike or run so you don't have to look down at your phone to change the song or turn up the volume.

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A smart investment

When paired to a smartphone, ArcX allows you to skip, pause and control the volume of your music with the flick of your thumb.

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