The ArcX smart ring

Hard-back Zip Travel Case
Portable Protection
Fast Charging Clip
fully charging in 60 min
Strap Mounts
attach to any sports equipment handle
Long Battery Life
5 days use or 20 days standby
ArcX Tech Module
Water & Shock Proof
Charging Cable
1m USB-A to UCB-C
Five Stretch Fit Rings
wear with or without gloves

There are four main ways to use your ArcX smart ring.

Playlist mode

ArcX works with all major music apps including, but not limited to Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music,  SoundCloud, Deezer, Amazon Music, Tidal and YouTube Music.

Call / SOS mode

The SOS call function can be triggered from any mode by pressing and holding the centre button for five seconds. This calls your chosen contact or the emergency services in your area and also sends an SMS requesting help along with a Google map link of your current location.

Camera mode

Use ArcX to control sports cameras, smart phones and tablets to capture selfies, group photos and action shots.

Other device mode

ArcX can be used as a remote control for laptops, desktops, tablets, TVs, AR/VR headsets, smart glasses, as a Kindle page turner or a TikTok scroller. Any device with an open Bluetooth connection will pair with your ArcX smart ring.


ArcX’s robust design is 100% waterproof and designed to work in all conditions from sun and heat, snow and ice and muddy terrain.

ArcX is certified to IP67 international standards meaning it can be submerged down to 1m (3ft) making it suitable for swimming and watersports.

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What our customers say

J. Chiam

"I’m absolutely loving my ArcX rings. The best part is the customisability, which I have not seen in any other product on the market!”

J. Pittaway


"Brilliant piece of kit"

C. Bruce

Pure delight

"You've nailed it, it's really, really good"

J. Nemo

Very satisfied

"It's awesome"

I. Ballantyne

“Love it already for smashing my gym and bike playlists”

J. Chittock

“So easy to set up and use”

R. Wilson

“What a great invention”

C. Fontana

“Works like a charm”

W. Mauri

“I love that it works right out of the box”

O. Lambert

“Linked it to control my Sonos, working perfectly”

M. Holford

“A massive thank you to ArcX for this beauty”

Sarah SB.

“I absolutely LOVE it! AMAZING! Thank you!”

J. Murphy

"So good, perfect for long runs"

K. Pawlow

“It’s bloody fantastic”

O. Ehrenmüller

“Works great”

M. Og

“Works perfectly”

First time reactions

We asked a bunch of strangers in the gym, park and on the street to try ArcX for a few minutes. This is what they said.