Paul Blair


Hello, I’m Paul, one of the founders. Like most people I enjoy keeping active and as a military veteran I've always been a full-on sports enthusiast. A couple of years ago on a skiing trip my friend tore his ACL so I spent the rest of the trip skiing solo while he rested up. 

I started listening to music on the slopes- it really adds to the thrill, pace and sense of freedom – but also keeps you motivated, especially when you’re skiing alone However I found it frustrating trying to adjust the volume, skip a track or even accept an incoming call. I had to frequently stop, take off a glove, find my phone, press a button before replacing everything to carry on!

I had the same frustrations controlling music when running, cycling and training in the gym, there was also the issue of trying to control a sports camera on my motorcycle helmet when voice control just wouldn't work.

I love my gadgets and tech but couldn't find anything that would solve these basic but all too common problems. I took the plunge, left a full time corporate job and set out to find a co-founder with the technical know how to turn an idea into reality. I met Kumar and so ArcX was born.

Wherever you are, whatever activity moves you, Xperience control!

Kumar Bala


Hi I’m Kumar, a founder at ArcX. My whole life, I have been driven by a curiosity and passion for electronics. As a child in India, I was captivated by all things electronic, a fascination that propelled me towards an academic path at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani.

My passion for technology then took me to Bristol, UK on a research fellowship, where I delved deeper into the global technology landscape. My career took a significant turn in Germany, working on pioneering automotive technologies, including early-stage driver assistance and autonomous vehicles. These formative experiences paved the way for my later role in England as a consultant in emerging technologies, where I dedicated myself to guiding startups, SMEs, and large corporations through the intricacies of innovation in a fast-paced world.

In 2019, I met Paul, who was searching for a technical co-founder. Together, we embarked on a new venture to challenge the status quo in wearable technology. Paul's background in team building, from his military service to his tenure at Safestix, has made him an invaluable ally in our quest to create wearable devices that enhance user concentration and productivity, minimising distractions from smartphones and other devices.

Wherever you are, whatever activity moves you, Xperience control!

“We continue to build and grow our Xperience first, world class team.

”Paul Blair, CEO ArcX Technology 

Mike Borucki
Mike Borucki
Head of Sales
Business development, project management, and international trade specialist with >10 years experience managing client relations and global accounts across North and South America, Europe and APAC
Bartosz Wieladek
Bartosz Wieladek
Marketing Executive 
Business & Marketing graduate with 3+ years of experience in Marketing and E- Commerce. Bartosz is working on ArcX Social Media accounts, PPC campaigns, graphic design and all other marketing initiatives.
"I wish I had this when I was training for the Olympics."

Constantine Louloudis MBE, Olympic and double world champion rower

"A great piece of kit. I can keep my phone secure and ArcX gives me peace of mind when ski touring with the SOS system."

Jessica Maiklem, ESF Ski & snowboard instructor, alpine ski racer

"Brilliant concept. ArcX is easy to set up, easy to use and does what it needs to."

Jaco Van Gass MBE, World and Paralympic champion cyclist, veteran

"No more fiddling with my phone and headphones to adjust music on my runs. ArcX is revolutionary."

Alex Gray , TV presenter, actress

"Light as a feather and perfect for controlling my music during training. ArcX is a must for every runner."

Giles Timms, Ultra runner

"This is game changing."

Joey Chase Firefighter, fitness instructor, model and actor


Smart, wearable technology for Active
Responsive Control, elevating your Xperience
in sports, work and daily life.