Our Story

On a skiing trip a few years ago a friend injured himself so Paul, our CEO, spent the rest of the trip skiing alone listening to music. When he wanted to change his playlist, adjust the volume or accept a phone call Paul had to stop, take a glove off and retrieve his phone from a pocket, before replacing everything to carry on. He had a similar experience running, cycling and training in his local gym. There was no existing wearable device or phone accessory that solved this problem, until now.

Team ArcX

We are a team of engineers, designers, athletes and military veterans. Together, we have over 80 years experience creating products, managing projects and delivering results.  We've spent the last four years designing, building, testing and improving the ArcX aesthetics, software and hardware to deliver a first of its kind product. 

Paul Blair CEO & Founder

Paul is a decorated military leader with five years experience in the corporate world as the Innovation and Marketing director for a global manufacturing company. As a serial entrepreneur he has already brought a number of successful products to market including Safestix dog toys, despite being turned down by investors on the UK version of Dragons’ Den.

Kumar Bala CTO & Co-founder

Kumar worked for many years at Intel and Texas Instruments as an embedded software engineer. He is a serial entrepreneur and deep tech consultant with over 20 years experience in wearables and medical devices.

ArcX Smart Ring

The ArcX smart ring - seamless control, endless possibilities. Control your phone, wireless speaker, sports camera or any Bluetooth device, hands free, on the move, even when wearing gloves.