Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not happy with my ArcX?

We're confident that you will love your ArcX but if for any reason you're unhappy with our product we will refund your pledge. Simply return your units within 30 days, undamaged with the original packaging and we’ll refund you, no questions asked.

Will customers be able to update their software in future?

ArcX will absolutely be software updatable. We will release not only bug fixes but also significant new features via regular Over The Air (OTA) software updates and your ArcX will continue to get better over time. New software features, such as integration with other sports and fitness Apps, will not require any additional hardware purchases.

What size ArcX should I order?

There is no need to worry about sizing. We will ship five different sized outer rings in each box. The rings have the following internal diameters 16mm (0.62) 18mm (0.70 in), 20mm (0.78 in), 22mm (0.86 in) and 24mm (0.94 in). Find the right size for you and insert the tech module. It’s that easy. Each ring will stretch up to 20% so if worn on a naked finger the same ring can be stretched to wear on a gloved finger if required.

What is the ArcX operating range?

Your ArcX will work to a range of at least 25m (82 ft). We’ve tested ArcX extensively and in numerous scenarios. For example, during an outdoor group workout in a busy central London park, ArcX worked well controlling a wireless speaker 100m (328 ft) away.

How do I turn my ArcX ring off?

Your ArcX ring will automatically go to sleep after two minutes. To wake it up, simply press the joystick once in any direction.   

I want to use my ArcX and a set of wireless earbuds. Can I pair more than one Bluetooth device to my smartphone?

ArcX was designed specifically for controlling music played from a phone with the user listening to wireless headphones or earbuds. Most smartphones, tablets and computers can connect with several Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Bluetooth devices must be discoverable before you can connect them to your smartphone or tablet. The method for making a device discoverable varies depending on the device. Consult your device's manual for additional information on entering the discoverable mode.

Does ArcX come with a warranty?

ArcX comes with a one year warranty. Our manufacturing partner is one of the leading global electronics manufacturers and each ArcX is comprehensively tested before leaving the factory. In the unlikely event that your ArcX stops working, we will replace it.

Is ArcX suitable for kids?

Children can absolutely use ArcX! With its single handed operation and intuitive UX our smart ring is simple to operate so it's suitable even for younger children (depending on their finger size). We are working on producing a smaller kid's version in the near future.

What kind of battery does ArcX use?

ArcX uses a high-quality lithium polymer rechargeable battery. Like your phone battery, the ArcX battery is fully integrated into the tech module. The battery will last up to five days of normal use on a single charge and twenty days on standby; ArcX takes about 60 minutes to fully charge.

How do I turn the ArcX ring off?

There is no need to turn your ring off. The ArcX ring is programmed to go to sleep after 120 seconds of inactivity.  When in sleep mode the battery will last for >20 days on a single charge. To wake it just move the joystick once in any direction it will then continue to function as normal.

I do not see my country listed as a shipping option.

If you do not see your country as a shipping option, it means that we currently do not offer shipping to that country. We are working hard to add more countries to the list. However, please do send us an email if you are from a country that is not shown, we'd love to hear from you.

I am a retailer, how can I stock ArcX?

For retailers interested in stocking ArcX smart rings and for a full list of prices and information please contact us at

I have another question that isn’t listed here.

If you have any questions, feedback, or simply want to drop us a line, you can reach us at