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"This device is going to change the world" Bionic Buzz.

We've come a long way since we first unveiled our concept at CES 2021 and produced this pitch video. Since then we've been continually blown away by the scale of media coverage, product and design awards.

"An ingenious solution"


“A smart investment”

Runner’s World

“Excellent 9.3 / 10”


“It works really well”

BBC Click

“This device is going to change the world”

Bionic Buzz

“One of the hottest discoveries at CES 21”


A smart investment

When paired to a smartphone, ArcX allows you to skip, pause and control the volume of your music with the flick of your thumb.

5 best smart rings

ArcX is a remote control for your music while you bike or runso you don't have to look down at your phone to change the song or turn up the volume.

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There’s an inbuilt SOS function; in the event of an emergency a press of the joystick and ArcX makes an outgoing call and sends an SMS with the wearer’s Google Map location.

Statement by the Jury

The ArcX makes it much easier to intuitively control various devices during sports, while the distinctive design is also convincing.

Best smart rings in 2024

The ArcX smart ring is IP67 certified so you won't need to worry about water damage with it.


Control playlists, take split times and improve workouts. Focus on your activity, not a screen.

Smart ring news

Meet ArcX, a smart ring that enables users to control their music playlists, accept incoming calls, and trigger an SOS call.

ArcX is a wearable joystick for your phone

Accessing your phone while exercising just got easier with the ArcX smart ring.

Specially designed for athletes

ArcX is remarkably affordable. Its simplicity and ease of setup make it ideal for libre activities and training.

ArcX - the revolutionary smart ring

ArcX caused a buzz when the concept was first announced at CES in 2021.

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The ArcX Smart Ring is designed to give you hands-free control over features on your smartphone or tablet


Smart, wearable technology for Active
Responsive Control, elevating your Xperience
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